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This Preceding Is From Our Lord And It Is Marvellous In Our Eyes

Our faith depends on the mighty power of our Almighty Father and we strongly believe that Nothing Is Impossible For Our Lord.

He plans everything and executes everything in His own time through His chosen ones. His plans are unimaginable and they are beyond the human understanding and wisdom. Only the Holy Spirit who comes from the Almighty reveals everything.

But even then it's not possible for us to understand clearly because of our weak faith and shakable belief. If we cherish the unconditional love of our Lord our Faith will be immovable and our Belief will be unshakable we will understand His plans and will stand with Him and stand for Him in any circumstance.

Our Almighty Father has started His Second Resurrection and executes His mighty plans in a place called KODUNGAIYUR, CHENNAI Tamilnadu, India

Our blessed mother appeared and implements the plans of Almighty in the new name Jecintho - Queen of Roses

Here the Almighty Father does everything directly and reveals a lot He fulfills all His promises from Genesis to Revelation and makes the chosen ones to witness His mighty power and stand as a Living witness for the Living God. Almighty has started His REVELATION ERA.

Dear friends we would wish to invite you for the Flag Hoisting Ceremony of the New Era.

Take part in the Historical Event of the world and experience the mighty power of Almighty and be a witness to His New Revelation, New Flag and New Name.

Date: 01:10:2016

Day: Saturday

Time: 5pm

*Venue:* Our Lady Jecintho Prayer House Kodungaiyur, Chennai-600118

Plz forward to all your friends and relations and do join us in the Flag Hoisting Ceremony.

Thank You!